Eleven2 Setup Tutorial

Eleven2 Setup Tutorial – How to Install + Setup your Website using Eleven2 Webhosting in 2016.

Eleven2 Setup Tutorial

Eleven2 is one of the top-rated webhosts available in 2016. With 4 versatile packages for webmasters depending on your site’s needs, they deliver unlimited email accounts, multiple database structures, and easy website installation. Here’s a quick guide on how to setup a website step by step with Eleven2.

Step-by-Step Setup for Your Site With Eleven2

First you’ll need to select your plan and sign up with the host. The basic plan starts at $4.99 per month and offers 10GB storage and 50GB monthly bandwidth. Your hosting needs are easily managed with each of these accounts, which makes it super easy to set up a site. If you have a previously existing site, you can transfer it over easily using their free transfer service. However, if you are starting a new site from scratch, you have several options.

Once you have your hosting set up and are ready to build your site, you can then select a content management system for your site through WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, or Drupal, as well as Magento, Presta Shop, and Open Cart. To begin setting up your site, first determine what type of service you are offering.

Blog Setup Tutorial

For a basic blog, it’s best to install WordPress, which be done by going into cPanel and selecting the WordPress installation from your list of options. You’ll need to grab a domain name for your site using Namecheap or Hostgator, and then make sure the nameservers point to Eleven2. Then, simply use the one-click choice through cPanel to setup your blog. You’ll be able to login and add features as you wish using WordPress’ CMS.

For an e-commerce site, Presta Shop or Magento are excellent options. These can also be set up with one click, simply using cPanel.

Softaculous for Easy WYSIWYG Editing

Alternatively, for more customization, you can use the RV Site Builder or the Softaculous one click installer for your site including one click blog, forum, wiki, social networking, and e-commerce site setup. Softaculous is an auto-installer that lets you click one button and then it will set up your entire software package. To install, simply go into cPanel and look for the Softaculous icon, or the Fantastico icon. You can update and backup your site using this program as well.

Building a Site With RV Site Builder

RV Site Builder is another of Eleven2’s site setup options. With a simple YSIWYG editor, you can get a site going with zero knowledge of HTML or CSS. Simply go into cPanel once again and select “RVSiteBuilder” from the list of options. After you click, you’ll be taken to a list of features and settings you can choose for your site. Here, you can select from a list of business ready templates, with over 500 to choose from.

Editing in HTML and Design Views

You can edit the site in design and HTML view to see live versions of your site as you build it. And you can resize, crop, and add images wherever you’d like. Compatible with both desktop and mobile views, you can make sure your site is responsive 100%, delivering top quality to users of various devices — both desktop and mobile.

Manual FTP Site Uploads and Email Service

One other way to setup your site using Eleven2 is by uploading over an FTP server. With full support for manual transfer of sites, this is an excellent choice if you are skilled with HTML and prefer to use manual uploading to put up your site. With Eleven2’s unlimited email account hosting providing service for IMAP, POP, and SMTP to integrate Yahoo and Google mail without any problem at all.